14 Inch Firm LUCID Memory Foam Mattress Reviews

The LUCID 14 inch firm memory foam mattress is a high quality mattress geared towards increasing your support and stability during sleep, while providing you with all the advantages of a delectable, luxury mattress at an affordable cost.

Features and Technical Considerations

With the help of a dual memory foam design meant to increase support, while maintaining the same level of firmness and comfort of some of the best mattresses out there, the LUCID 14 inch firm memory foam mattress is an easy to set up, properly ventilated mattress that offers numerous eco-friendly advantages to keep you and your home healthy and safe.

Also, take note that this product is somewhat of a heavier side, similarly to the many other 14-inch memory foam mattresses out there. Its weight is just below 100 lbs, making it somewhat harder to move and transport, if that may be needed.

The Advantages of the Mattress

  • Although it may be considered primarily firm, the LUCID 14 inch memory foam mattress offers considerable support through its 2-layer, high density foam construction.
  • Its exquisite, luxurious feel and the texture of its high quality fabric is similar to what you would experience with a much more expensive mattress.
  • The setup process is quite easy and straightforward. In fact, some buyers claim they were able to take a nap on it as soon as it arrived.
  • Even after a few years of continuous use, the LUCID 14 inch firm memory foam mattress will retain its quality, staying both firm and supportive.
  • The mattress has been tested for all of its materials and features individually, being compliant with environmental friendly standards and Certi-PUR-US certified.

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Disadvantages to Consider

  • This 14 inch memory foam mattress has been known to sometimes hold indentations, heat and cold for a longer time when compared to various other mattresses. This is not always an issue, but it can be if you’d prefer a more flexible and adaptable product.
  • In some cases, it can take a bit of time for the mattress to clear the initial chemical smell it comes from.

Buyer Feedback and Opinion

If you look at reviews written about the LUCID 14 inch firm memory foam mattress, you’ll find that, while some mixed thoughts may have been expressed by people complaining about small issues, such as its slight chemical odor or increased firmness and weight, the majority of all the hundreds of testimonials are extremely positive.

Most buyers talk about the comfortable sleep hours they have, the quality of the mattress’ support and memory foam design, as well as the stability it offers and the fact that they’ll never again return to their old spring mattresses.

Dual Memory Foam – Twice the Comfort

This is a mattress that will always provide you with the support and comfort you need. The top layer of its dual memory foam design will have it contour around your body quite conveniently, as the bottom layer ensures a soft, yet grounding landing spot.

While it can be somewhat more expensive when compared with other memory foam products, the LUCID 14 inch firm memory foam mattress is considered to offer even more value for the money than similarly priced or more expensive mattresses.

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