8 Inch Firm LUCID Memory Foam Mattress Reviews

If you’re looking for a quality mattress, you’ve probably already heard of the LUCID 8 inch firm memory foam mattress. Available at an affordable price, and using highly advanced open cell technology, as well as an appropriate thickness base, this is one mattress that won’t take away your comfort.

Quality Manufacturing

The LUCID memory foam mattress comes with a thick, 6 inch high density foam base that ensures an excellent level of balance between resilience, comfort and firmness.

This isn’t an extremely firm mattress, although it also prevents your back from being harmed the way exceedingly soft mattresses would behave. Its open cell technology ensures that the mattress stays cool and comfortable, while also being designed to align your spine and help eliminate most back issues over time.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Aside from the technical details of the mattress, there are a variety of practical positive benefits you can gain from purchasing the LUCID 8 inch firm memory foam mattress:

  • If you’re looking for a reliable, firm mattress, the LUCID memory foam mattress is quite a perfect choice, being comfortable enough whether you suffer from back pains, or just want a good bed to sleep on.
  • The adequate foam density ensures that the memory foam ensures that you can get many hours of restful sleep without experiencing any issues.
  • Due to its lower price, reliable construction and excellent durability, this 8 inch memory foam mattress can often compete with even some of the more expensive 10-inch mattresses out there.
  • The mattress comes with a 20 year warranty, and the price is well below $200, making the LUCID product one of the most affordable high quality memory foam mattresses available.

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Now let’s also look at some of the disadvantages you might experience with the mattress:

  • The somewhat extreme firmness of the LUCID 8 inch firm memory foam mattress may work well in some cases, but if you’re used to softer mattresses, it may constitute a significant problem in terms of providing less comfort.
  • Some remote cases are worth mentioning with people considering the mattress to lose some of the comfort it provides over time. However, they admit that the quality is still up to par with the affordable price they’ve paid.

Opinions and Feedback

Although there are a few who have complained about the durability of the mattress and the resilience of the memory foam itself, many consider the LUCID mattress to be one of the best purchases they’ve made.

When talking about the accessible price, the appropriate density and high end construction of its memory foam layer and its ability to prevent lasting body imprints have made the LUCID 8 inch firm memory foam mattress quite popular among those wanting to buy it for long term use.

A Cheaper Way to Get Comfortable

Compared to many cheaper mattresses, this one undoubtedly offers superior comfort and resilience, while also having some unique benefits that you might not even get from a more expensive alternative.

It is easy to see why the LUCID 8 inch firm memory foam mattress is one of the favored choice for buyers seeking a low-cost mattress, being a convenient, adaptable and durable product overall.

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