Best Price Mattress 6 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Reviews

For enjoying the true experience of feeling as if you’re floating on a cloud, the Best Price Mattress 6 inch memory foam mattress can be one of the most practical, as well as luxurious products available.

CertiPUR-US certified, and designed to be perfect for relieving any pressure points, whether you use it on a Twin, Full or Queen sized bed, the Best Price mattress is able – at a much more accessible price – to provide you with all the excellent benefits that come with a high quality, expensive memory foam mattress.

What Are the Mattress’ Main Features?

The Best Price Mattress 6 inch memory foam mattress has a unique, high quality 6-inch memory foam construction that allows you to enjoy a mattress which remains firm until you lay into it, then conforms its shape around your body to provide you with the comfort and support you need.

The mattress uses a dual, “Deep Sleep” system of layers, ensuring that you get perfect comfort and a temperature level ideally aligned to your body’s temperature. The top, extremely soft memory foam layer will provide you with the comfort you need, while the thicker, bottom layer, will support you without the need to toss and turn.

Portable and light, the Best Price memory foam mattress also only weighs about 24 lbs, making it a portable, easy to transport product you can take with you to feel comfortable anywhere you go.


  • At an extremely affordable price, the Best Price Mattress 6 inch memory foam mattress is only 2 inches thinner and provides the same qualities regarding comfort and resilience as its more expensive 8-inch counterparts.
  • This is quite a durable mattress, still feeling like you’re sleeping on a cloud years after you’ve bought it, and supported by a 10-year warranty.
  • Some have even realized that, when sleeping on this 6 inch memory foam mattress, they were able to have much better rest, and were even able to let go of their snoring problems.
  • Air-tight packaging keeps the mattress safe along the way, and the product will be usable right out of the box.

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Negative Points

  • The mattress can be somewhat on the firm side, due to its thinner construction.
  • Some have also complained the Twin size is not exactly true to the size of their twin beds.

Buyers’ Reviews

Many people tend to love the Best Price Mattress 6 inch memory foam mattress, considering it no less than a best buy. With its hundreds of 5-star reviews, this is not much of a surprise.

Aside from the comfort, support and lightweight construction of the mattress, the price is also one of its best qualities, the mattress being considered by many to be just as good as products 2-3 times more expensive. Moreover, many buyers consider it to be great for your back, some feeling certain that the mattress helped them eliminate long term back issues they’ve had.

A High Quality Mattress

Without a doubt, the qualities and assets you gain from this mattress far outweigh the small investment you have to make for it, as well as any small issues you might experience. The Best Price Mattress 6 inch memory foam mattress is considered better than most futon mattresses, and its multiple layer memory foam construction ensures just the kind of comfort you might seek.

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