Sealy Memory Foam Mattress Reviews

The 3 Best Sealy Memory Foam Mattresses Reviewed

Sealy is known for their long history of quality mattress production, and their memory foam mattresses are standing up to the test of time as well. It helps if you realize that memory foam mattresses usually require a foundation or platform rather than box springs for them to provide optimum support.

They can work with box springs if they are firm. This is an important detail to be aware of when considering memory foam mattresses.

  • Sealy Optimum Radiance Gold Mattress
  • Sealy Comfort Revolution Memory Foam Mattress
  • Sealy Posturepedic Memory Foam Mattress

When designing these foam mattresses, the experts used three layers of foam, and three different kinds of foam. The gel foam controls temperature for cooler temperatures while sleeping.

The standard foam provides air flow. The high density foam on the bottom provides added support. Now that you know your foams, let’s look at the models themselves. We reviewed several Sealy brand memory foam mattresses and have chosen the best three.

Here are our recommendations:

Sealy Optimum Radiance Gold Mattress

This mattress is available for purchase in every size imaginable. They offer great contoured support for pain-free sleep and longer lasting sleep. Combine that with the memory foam that allows for uninterrupted sleep when your partner moves around, and you have the opportunity to experience the natural health benefits of deep and refreshing sleep.

Get better rest, let your body heal and restore itself more naturally, and you may discover that your days become much more manageable. With a ten year warranty, you even have the support of a manufacturer that stands behind their workmanship.

  • gel memory foam makes for peace: when one person shifts around the other one doesn’t feel it
  • lasts longer than previous models
  • thicker
  • great support
  • contours to body
  • cools body with gel memory foam
  • freedom from chronic aches and pains

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Sealy Comfort Revolution Memory Foam Mattress

The Sealy Comfort Revolution mattress combines the expertise of Sealy-made mattresses with Comfort Revolution memory foam. These mattresses are designed to provide soft yet strong support that holds you gently and allows you to sleep without interruption.

  • made in the USA
  • three layers of different kinds of foam designed for extra support, air flow, and comfort
  • variety of sizes available

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Sealy Posturepedic Memory Foam Mattress

Quilted cover for a pretty mattress and the gentle support of memory foam technology made this a good comfortable mattress for your bed. You may not even notice that your kids have crawled into bed with you! You might have to correct that in the morning, but wouldn’t it be great to sleep right through it all?

  • gel reduces heat issues so you won’t wake up from overheating or night sweats
  • quilted cover
  • contours to your shape and size

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Final Verdict

In researching the variety of Sealy memory foam mattresses, we really love the Sealy Optimum Radiance Gold Mattress. This memory foam mattress combined all the best qualities in construction, long lasting build, excellent design of the foam layers, and price. For as much as these foam mattresses can cost, this one really pays off in performance.

If the cost seems too much for you, then keep in mind that specific models do go on clearance with factory close-out sales. If you’re patient, you won’t have to wait long before you can save considerably and still have your memory foam mattress. Improve your sleep habits, your daily life, and perhaps even your health with Sealy memory foam mattresses.

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