A Guide On How To Select And Arrange Furniture For A New Home

So you have just bought your new home and you are super excited. But, now you are tasked with buying new furniture for every room in the house. It can be a daunting task, but you can also make it a fun experience, especially if you plan ahead. Selecting and arranging furniture is not that complicated. Below are tips that can make the process easier.

How to Choose Furniture For A New Home

The Living Room

The living room is the central point of any home. That is where most families spend their time together when they are indoors. It is also the room that guests normally spend most of their time in. Because this is such as important space in any home, it is important to ensure that the room is well decorated. The type of furniture that you choose must create a welcoming and warm atmosphere.

  • Quality Furniture Items: Apart from selecting furniture pieces that are beautiful, you must also choose ones that can hold up against everyday wear and tear. This is a room that your family and loved ones, as well as guests will be spending most of their time in, so invest in quality furniture items that will last long.
  • Measuring a Space for Furniture:The first thing that you must do before heading out to buy furniture for your living room is to take the necessary measurements. You want to avoid a situation where you buy items that are either too big or too small. This is quite easy to do; all you need is a tape measure or yard stick which you will use for measuring the length and width of the room. Do not forget to take into account those buried spaces in the room. You can read furniture expert Abe Abbas guide about measuring  a room before select a furniture.
  • Floor Plan: You need to come up with a floor plan. Either you sketch the floor plan on a plain paper or you make use of a formal grid paper. This is a good way to come up with various ways that the furniture pieces will fit into the room. As you do the sketch, make sure that you allow a space of one meter between the pieces of furniture so that you will have enough walking space.
  • Lookout Doorway Size Before Purchase Furniture: Also take measurements of your doorways so that you avoid any mishaps during delivery. You want to avoid a situation whereby you buy something and later on find that it does not fit through the doorway. Once you are done with the measurements, in order to get a good visual of where you would want the furniture pieces to go, take sheets of newspaper or a painter’s tape and mark the spaces on the floor.
  • You should also take into account what your living room will be mainly used for. If you have a family, especially young children and you know that the room will be a family hangout, choose furniture that is stain-resistant and sturdy. If however you do not have kids and you know that you will not be entertaining a lot of guests, you can choose furniture items that are fragile, which are made using delicate fabrics.
  • Check to see if the room has some natural design elements. This will help you when picking the furniture items. For instance, you might have a rustic looking fireplace in the room already. If that is the case, instead of opting for modern furniture, you can go for cabin decor instead.
  • As for the actual furniture, typical items include a sofa, side table, armchair and coffee table. These are the basic items you should start with before you add more pieces like ottomans. When buying your furniture, make sure that you select solid items that have sturdy wood frames. In other words, buying furniture is an investment, so choose high-quality items. They might be costly, but it will be worth it.

The Master Bedroom

Your master bedroom should be one of those areas in the house that is warm and inviting. It is very important that when it comes to this room, you really take your time to figure out the design that you want. You obviously know what your needs are, including your sense of style, so start from there. You want to make certain that you buy furniture that is not only pleasing to the eye, but also functional.

  • What you need to do first when selecting bedroom furniture is to take the necessary measurements first. It is important that you have a rough idea of the size and type of furniture that fits in the room. Have a rough layout of what you need and where the items will go. Furniture items for the master bedroom come in many shapes and sizes; from beds, chairs, wardrobes, nightstands and tables to dressers, headboards, bedroom benches and chest of drawers. These are all available in different designs.
  • In order to get an idea of the options that you have, you can visit furniture stores near you or online or even go through design magazines. When it comes to functionality, you want to make it a point that you take into account the issue of drawer space, especially if you are a lady. You must make sure that you have enough shelving and drawer space.
  • Whenever you are buying furniture pieces, especially those that are big, it is always a good idea to opt for quality items. Because generally, you get what you pay for, quality products are often quite expensive. That is why when you decide to make such an investment, you must not buy everything you need in one go.
  • Buy a few pieces at a time, starting with the main items such as the bed and the dresser and then go on from there. If you buy the whole bedroom furniture at once, chances are that you might regret buying something later on. However, if you feel that you have carried out enough research before buying the furniture, you can buy an entire package at once.

The Teenagers’ Bedroom

The good thing about buying furniture for your teenager is that in most cases, they can even assists you, so you don’t have to think too much of it. The reason for this is that most teenagers like to keep up with the current trends, and that does not only have to do with fashion. It is highly likely that they already have an idea of what they want their bedroom to look like.

  • Furniture Selection: If you want to make the furniture selection easy for yourself, all you have to do is to take your teenager with you when you go shopping. Getting their input will make the selection process easier, but do not forget that you are the adult and you have to ultimately make sound decisions. This means that you also have to take into account factors such as price and durability before you buy the furniture pieces. You also need to note that what teenage boys like is different from what the girls fancy.
  • Right Color: Generally, girls like bright colors and patterns and boys usually prefer dull colors. Also bear in mind that even if you teens that are of the same gender, they might still like things that are completely different. So, identify their different personalities first before choosing the furniture.
  • Comfort First: Apart from costs and quality, you must also consider comfort. You want to make sure that you opt for those furniture pieces that are not only functional, but also comfortable. For instance, buy a comfortable bed and also include a desk where your teen can do his or her homework. Chances are that your teen will also need space a television or stereo, so keep that in mind. You will also need to buy a dresser; this one is especially important for the girls. Other important furniture pieces include a chest of drawers, wardrobe and shelves.

Children’s Bedroom

  • When you are buying furniture for your child’s bedroom, make sure that you select items that are functional, fun and durable. It is always a good idea to take your children with you when you go shopping. Although you will have to make the ultimate decision, if you take them with you, you will get the general idea of what they like. After all, you are not buying the items for you, but for them.
  • Children also like the idea of having a themed bedroom. For instance, girls might want a Barbie or mermaid theme, whereas a boy might prefer a car or superhero theme. Knowing their personality and their favorite toy or cartoon character can go a long way in assisting you to buy the furniture pieces that they will love.
  • You also have to make it a point that you choose quality, long lasting items. So, as you will be looking for bedroom sets that are stylish, do not forget to consider durability. The fact of the matter is that you will be buying items for children; they can easily spill stuff on the furniture or even scratch it. Although you want to make sure that you acknowledge their creativity, you also want to get value for your money.
  • As for the actual type of furniture, you have many items to choose. Some of the furniture pieces you should consider include a bed, wardrobe, tables & chairs, a chest of drawers, nightstand, dresser, bedside cabinets and toy boxes. Along with these things, you will also need to buy things such as bookcases, drapes, duvets, canopies and quilts among other things..

The Guest Room

  • When you welcome guests into your home, you want to make sure that if they are sleeping over, they have a comfortable and spacious place to sleep. The trick to decorating the guest room is to keep it very simple. What that means is that you have to focus on the essential items only so that the room will not look overcrowded.
  • One of the key items that you will require is obviously a comfortable bed. It is always important that you give your guests a comfy place to rest. The next item that you must have is a chest of drawers. If your guest has plans to sleep over, it means that he or she will definitely need some storage space. The last thing that you want is for your guests to have to pull items out of a bag each time they want something.
  • You must also consider buying a cozy chair. Your guests might simply need to relax on a comfy chair or to just sit and enjoy reading a magazine or book. Good lighting is also essential. You should make sure that there is some lighting next to the bed, and your guests should be able to switch on the light the moment they enter the guest room.

The Kitchen

  • One of the things that you need to do before buying kitchen furniture is to map out the kitchen. Basically, this entails locating empty corners and walls where things such as racks, islands and carts can fit. The map must have detailed measurements so that you know the size of items that you can buy.
  • When it comes to the kitchen, as much as you would want stylish furniture pieces, you must not forget to factor in functionality. You need to choose items that are practical, yet stylish. Another thing that you need to look at carefully is the material that is used to make these furniture items. For instance, a stainless steel rack will be a good addition to the room, while an island made entirely of wood will add a nice rustic feel to the kitchen

Furniture Arrangement

The Living Room

  • When arranging living room furniture, a few large items must take up most of the space in terms of volume. Smaller items such as end tables and ottomans can then complement the bigger furniture pieces.
  • Also make sure that you choose a focal point or center of attention. This is basically an area in the room or even an object which is sure to attract the eye. It is this focal point that you can use as a base for arranging all the other pieces.
  • Typical focal points include the fireplace, television or large windows. Also make sure that there is enough space between the furniture and the walls. That way, you will create an area that is intimate as opposed to cold and unwelcoming. Opt for symmetrical arrangements which create designs that are calm and restful.
  • As you decorate your living room, arrange the items one by one, starting with the larger items.

The Master Bedroom

  • A master bedroom does not necessarily have to be big. However, you must make sure that it has everything you need. If your bedroom is not very big, or big enough for you, there are a few things you can do when arranging furniture items. First, you must only use necessary items, for instance the bed, dresser, wardrobe and chest of drawers. In order to create floor space, you can also put the chest of drawers in the walk-in closet. Also try to keep the bed low, visually.
  • Opt for a headboard, but do not choose a four-poster bed because it tends to make the room appear smaller.
  • Also opt for light colors as they can make a room appear bigger. If size is not an issue, you can include bedside tables in your décor.
  • You can also add a cozy chair which you can use for relaxing and reading purposes.
  • Another great addition would be a small desk, as well as a good quality carpet to minimize noise.

Teen Bedroom

  • The good thing about teenagers is that they most often know exactly how they want their bedroom furniture to be arranged. So, do the furniture arrangement with your teen.
  • You can always step in when for instance your teen asks for a design that includes wild colors and convince them to use the wild colors as an accent instead. Because chances are that your son or daughter will be entertaining friends, make sure that the room has additional seating and small tables.

Children’s Bedroom

  • When you arrange furniture in the nursery, you should do so with the little one’s future years in mind. Always make sure that you create room for a changing table close to the crib.
  • When arranging the furniture, safety should be your main priority. As such, make sure that the crib is not close to the windows and window blind codes.
  • The crib and bunk bed that you opt for must meet federal safety regulations. The mattress must fit securely against the sides of the crib and your child must not be able to release the crib’s drop side.
  • Also make sure that the cabinets and chests that you opt for cannot be tipped over.
  • The furniture must not have any sharp edges and all electrical outlets must have plastic safeguard plugs.

Guest bedroom

  • When arranging furniture in the guest bedroom, make sure that you avoid overcrowding the room with too many items.
  • All you need is a good quality, comfortable bed and some other necessary furnishings such as a dresser, chest of drawers, wardrobe and a cozy chair.
  • Also make sure that there is sufficient lighting in the room. What your guest needs is a comfortable place to sleep and enough storage space.

The Kitchen

  • It is always important to have a well-organized kitchen. What you need to do when arranging kitchen furniture is to create stations. For instance storage, baking, cooking, cleaning and prepping stations. That way you will know where every piece of furniture must go.
  • Also ensure that you organize the furniture pieces according to task.
  • You want to avoid movement that is unnecessary while you are working in the kitchen.
  • There are certain things that you rarely use, make sure that those are the things you keep out of reach. 

Bonus Tips# How To Take Care Of Furniture

When you are done with the furniture arrangement, you still have to take care of the furniture items. It is important that you maintain the condition of the items that you buy in good condition if you want them to last long.

  • One of the first things that you need to do is to avoid putting the furniture pieces in direct sunlight as it causes fading.
  • Also steer clear of extreme changes in temperature. You can do this by placing the furniture items away from things such as air conditioning units, heat and air vents, as well as radiators.
  • Try not to place rubber or plastic materials on the items because there are types of plastics which have ingredients which can actually damage the finish. If you have to put items made of plastic or rubber on your furniture, or even hot dishes, make sure that you use a cloth, pad or felt so that your furniture items are protected.
  • Take care of spill immediately; it is better to blot the spills as opposed to wiping them off.
  • Make sure that you dust and polish your furniture regularly using a soft, clean cloth. 
  • Furniture care products are available in three forms; as polishes, waxes or silicone cleaners. Of these three products, it is best to use polishes. They have detergents that clean dirt, emulsifiers and mineral oil which creates a barrier for dirt and moisture.

Finally :

Selecting furniture and arranging it does not have to be daunting. All that you are required to do is to plan ahead and you will do just fine. Also make sure that once you have everything in place, you also take time to take good care of the furniture.

What is The Best Mattress Topper for Back Pain and Find Relief

Back pain is a surprisingly common issue. Many people, in fact as many of half of all working Americans, complain of back pain annually. Those who suffer from back pain typically have trouble sleeping.

This is where the market is created to find a high-quality mattress topper to help alleviate the pain and allow for a more relaxing night’s sleep. Choosing the best mattress topper for back pain means a better night’s sleep for pain sufferers and better quality of life as a result.

Research has shown there are certain mattress toppers that are more helpful to back pain sufferers than others. In order to find the best mattress topper for back pain, it makes sense to look at the various factors involved in choosing a mattress.

Therefore, there may not be one specific brand that wins the award for best mattress topper for pain. Different types may be more suitable for different back pain sufferers.

Back pain sufferers have a few more considerations than the average consumer when it comes to purchasing a mattress topper. Those include the regular considerations and more specific considerations of:

  • Price
  • Durability
  • Mattress Topper Construction
  • Pressure Relief
  • Density
  • Foam Depth
  • Response Time

Considerations include crate foam versus memory foam and the various types of gel foam available. This can make a significant difference for back pain sufferers. It can also make a difference for those who struggle with overheating while sleeping. A bit of research can determine the best mattress topper for pain for each specific sufferer’s issues.

When considering the best mattress topper for back pain, it is wise to consider something other than the average mattress. While some do come with memory foam or gel mattress toppers installed as the top layer, there are many that are traditional materials and do not provide the support needed for a back pain sufferer to sleep through the night with minimal pain and issue.

Below are two types of mattress toppers introduced recently that are beneficial to the back pain sufferer. Considerations may determine which would be the best mattress topper for back pain when it comes to your specific needs.

Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

Memory foam mattress toppers help those with back pain because they do not transfer the motion as much as other types of mattress toppers. This makes it a strong contender for the best memory foam mattress topper for back pain because it allows those who suffer from pain to sleep in the same bed with a loved one without having their movements constantly impacting their ability to sleep.

Meanwhile, crate foam or open-cell memory foam allows more air flow under the sleeper to help keep the temperature to a minimum and also allow for the right amount of pressure relief on the back, allowing for a more relaxing night of sleep.

These memory foam toppers tend to last up to four years. They can last longer if they are the thicker variety. Toward the end of the mattress topper’s lifespan, however, they tend to wear down and can add to the issues faced by the back pain sufferer. Still, it is a worthwhile investment typically for the cost.

Best Memory Foam Mattress Toppers Review

Gel Mattress Toppers

Gel mattress toppers have the same potential for comfort as a traditional memory foam topper. However, these also have the additional (advertised) benefit of cooling the sleeper and helping alleviate issues with heat retention overnight.

Durability is comparable for this type of mattress topper, although the most attractive feature of the gel mattress topper is the response time of the topper, i.e. the time it takes to return to its original state after the sleeper gets up.

The gel mattress topper responds 15-30 seconds more quickly than traditional memory foam. This may not make this the best mattress topper for back pain, but it does assure the sufferer that the mattress topper will be ready to provide adequate support each night.

Other considerations when purchasing a memory foam topper are the thickness and density. Options for thickness include two-inch, three-inch and four-inch memory foam. For those with a small build, the two-inch topper would be sufficient.

It is considered average in comfort level and durability. The three-inch foam topper is better for pressure relief, so this is a better option for those with back pain, regardless of build. Four-inch memory foam, meanwhile, provides extra support for those who are heavier in build, i.e. 250-pounds.

When it comes to density, this is a big factor for those who suffer from back pain. The best mattress toppers for back pain in terms of density are those that are high quality and typically have a density of four to five pounds.

Consideration of the above factors can help determine the best mattress topper for back pain. This can mean a full night of uninterrupted sleep for those who suffer from back pain and need that sleep to feel better during the day’s activities.